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Law lords back terror detainees
Detaining foreigners without trial under anti-terror powers breaks European human rights legislation

Ask Maureen!
: From Dewitt, Michigan
I was recently in a hit and run accident and I'm not sure what to do next. I was driving on a 2 lane highway and I could clearly see that the other driver was weaving in and out of his/her lane. They were also driving rather slowly. I just stayed behind him for awhile, but I needed to get to work in a timely fashion. I finally got the courage to pass him from the left lane. As I was doing so, he weaved right into the side of my car. Do I need to contact an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer? Should I call my insurance company first? Thanks for your help in this matter!
Answer + More from Maureen our Legal Editor

Soap Hot Spot!
Soap Hotspot!! Karen and Tracy face their final showdown on the roof of Underworld!

Eating out
Restaurant of the month - La Poule au Pot 231 Ebury Street London SW1 Tel: 020 7730 7763

Alarm and anxiety have ruffled the feathers of London super-chefs, after recent reports that the capital's restaurants have been decimated, with the closure of some of the top names in the business. Peter Srankel, La Poule au Pot's patron, has no worries of that kind. He's secure in the knowledge that his earthy, good-value cuisine grand'mere, going for nearly forty years, still has the punters queuing for the sunny, outdoor tables in summer and cosy inglenooks by the fire in winter.

Law Today
We couldn't resist this one (courtesy of the Guardian newspaper)
A drunken judge who blundered into an argument in a late-night kebab shop sat impassively in the dock yesterday as a court heard a catalogue of bizarre antics after his arrest by police.



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